COM Team

Responsible : Catherine MARICHY

The Thin Films team works mainly on the elaboration and characterization of thin films whose thickness can vary from a few atomic monolayers to several tens of µm. The deposited materials are mainly semiconductors (SiC, GaN, ZnO, Si) and insulators (BN, SiO2, ZrO2, TiO2, Al2O3). To do so, the team members use different chemical deposition techniques (CVD, VLS, Sol-gel, PDC) for applications, through both academic and industrial collaborations, as different as power electronics, cell phones, aerospace, hydrophilic or hydrophobic coatings… The COM team has been working for many years with ST Microelectronics, UMS, III-V lab and SOITEC

Our activities are essentially divided into four themes:

  1. Large gap semiconductor epitaxy. The team, which has a historical competence on the synthesis of SiC by homo- and hetero-epitaxy, is currently interested in the surface structuring of 4H-SiC. The fabrication and the study of nitride-based heterostructures for power electronics applications are the subject of a strong research partnership. Finally, the deposition of boron carbide by CVD is an emerging subject.
  2. Synthesis of ultra-thin films and nanostructures by ALD. Particular attention is paid to the mechanisms involved in the growth process, especially with regard to the deposition of boron-based materials. Also alternative ALD approaches are studied.
  3. Chemistry and cultural legacy.

The team members are also strongly involved in the ASCI joint laboratory.

Team members

Name Status Phone
AUVRAY Laurent MCF-UCBL 04 26 23 45 24
BENAMRA Yamina Doctorant.e 04 72 43 71 34
BRYLINSKI Christian PR-UCBL 04 72 43 15 16
CALDEIRA Izabel Doctorant.e 07 69 29 31 11
CAROLE Davy MCF-UCBL 04 26 23 45 24
CAUWET François IE-CNRS 04 72 43 13 92
FERRO Gabriel DR-CNRS 04 72 43 10 39
FOREL Salomé MCF-UCBL 04 72 43 17 01
GANDIN Mathis IR-UCBL 06 76 32 74 97
HOSSAIN Ali Doctorant.e 04 72 43 71 34
JOUSSEAUME Yann Doctorant.e 04 72 43 71 34
MARICHY Catherine CR-CNRS 04 72 43 17 01